Sunday, December 23, 2007

Laughs, $40, Fudge, and toes.

As I was out at Wal-Mart getting the last of the stocking stuffers, I like to do that at the last minute, I was thinking of how much I love to hear Steve laugh. When he laughs, really really laughs, I cannot help but to laugh with him. It is so infectious. If I hear something I think he would belly laugh at...I start laughing. Just imagining him, and hearing the sound in my head is enough to set me off.

We sold James's bassinet yesterday for $40. Why am I telling anyone this? Well, because the lady called today to complain that the bassinet has a stain on the cover under the bassinet pad. Now. They paid $40 for a complete bassinet, that is also a co sleeper, a cradle, has a night light, vibration, a mobile, and all accessories. This bassinet was over $100 when we got it. The only stain is under the pad on the cover. Did I know the stain was there? No. I did not. Not only did they only pay $40 for an otherwise perfect bassinet, we drove about 20miles away to meet them because they asked us to. So I am just a wee bit perturbed that they are not happy with an otherwise perfectly safe, beautiful, fully equipped, structural, USED bassinet, but that she wanted to sit on the phone an argue about the age of the bassinet. And the unseeable stain. The unseeable stain that can be rectified with just buying a new cover of their choice.

I made another batch of fudge today, and ruined it. It is all crumbly and stiff, and to me just yucky in general. Ryan gave a piece to the baby and he scraped it out of his mouth it was so bad. So I went out and got some more things and made another almost perfect batch. Almost perfect because my dad makes the perfect one and I am not quite there yet.

I have a broken pinky toe. It has been broken for several weeks now and the pain had eased up..well I thought it had. We were at a friends last night, and the wife is a Dr. and she told me that it was not healed, not proper, and that while I might not feel the pain when I walk, it is still there. That if it was wrapped correctly I would feel the pain because it needs to reset or something somesuch. So Steve rewrapped it for me, and yowsers. It hurts. I can hardly stand and I have so much to get done today.

Christmas is almost here!!! I cannot wait. I could really care less about any presents that I get. I just love watching everyone opening theirs. That is where the joy comes in at for me. I get all giddy and excited just watching, that I know I get on peoples nerves trying to get them to open their gifts.