Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just things

This past weekend my parents came up. We thought Steve's family would be here also, but his daddy had to work. My parents, being who they are, decided they would cook for everyone and just have a holiday style meal since we did not get to go home. They did decide against it when we found out Steve's family wasn't going to be able to make it. But they did bring goodies like my dads super awesome fudge. I swear you have not had fudge till you have my families. I usually will not even eat anyone else's because his is that good. Soft and rich, not to sweet, smooth wonderfulness. My mom made some custard pies. The ones where you do not use a crust. OMG I love custard pie, it reminds me of being a little girl and my granny making them at the holidays. My mom also made an Egg Nog bunt cake. It is sooooo good. Smooth and moist after almost a week.

My brother came to visit with his little boy too, and we all actually had a really nice time. I always get worried because me and my baby brother don't always get along to well...they whole you are the spawn of Satan thing always rubbed me the wrong way...but anywho...

We all had a great time, and I was so sad to see my parents leave. I actually got teared up a bit, which is not normal at all.

I took James to get his hair trimmed before they got here, and OMG the lady chopped his hair to bits. I told her a little out of the eyes and a tiny bit off the ears and back. To LEAVE his curls. Within 2 minutes his hair was all choppy and a complete mess. I told her to leave him alone...and as I was taking him out of the chair she was still cutting. I about screamed...leave my baby alone...lets just say they did not even ask me to pay. The next day I took him to the local kids place that we normally go to, they did a fabulous job fixing his hair and I am so grateful. No curls, but that is because the other lady cut every single one off, but he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore. Maybe I will post before and after pictures later.

I got picture drama...tell ya more about that later.



Seana said...

Heh. My own James was just telling me today he needed a haircut. Neither of my kids will let me touch them with scissors after what I did to each of them. *sigh* That one lady at Haircrafters is the only one that we go to now. If she's not in, we don't go.

All your dessert descriptions made my mouth water. *drool*

I have been quite absent of late. Nice to be seeing you all again.

Syren said...

Nice to see you too!!!!

Puffy said...

Ack! I have a great fudge recipe bug I haven't made it in years. And no fudge for me for the next few months. I want to see pictures! I'd have screamed at that stupid hair cutting lady, too. I like long hair on boys, but not so long that it hangs way down their back and past their eyes so they look like girls.