Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lush Review

Out of my great Christmas stash of Lush that DH bought me for Christmas, I have used the Champagne Supernova Bath Bomb, the Sexy Peel soap, the Gorgeous moisturizer, and the Godiva shampoo. Oh I also used the Buffy body butter. Oh I also used the red bubble bar that came with it, but the name eludes me right now.

I love it all of course. The Bath bomb is great. The smell mixed with the bubble bar was amazing, and the water color from the bubble bar was the deepest red. I only used half the first time, and the next used a stocking because of all the confetti. I just did not like the mushy paper floating everywhere.

The soap is wonderful. The smell is so invigorating and fresh. I absolutely love it.

The Moisturizer is probably the best I have ever used. My face is soft and not greasy. That is why I hate moisturizers, because of the greasy feeling, but this did not have it at all. Totally worth the money.

I do not care for the Buffy bar all too much. It is nice, but I prefer Skye's bar that she sent me.

Now. The shampoo bar. I freaking love it. My hair is super thick. More than super thick. So thick when I go in for haircuts, normally the hairdresser seems overwhelmed at first. I have never been able to use a shampoo without conditioner and my hair not be a frizzy tangled mess. With this, I had no tangles, no frizzes, no anything but beautiful long hair. Even after wearing it up for a day and letting it back down, it was still beautiful in my eyes. I will continue to use this bar shampoo as long as there is a Lush near me.

Anything out there you would recommend?