Thursday, December 6, 2007


Man it is cold in our house, well at least downstairs it is. Something is wrong with our downstairs furnace, I think it may be the thermostat. Sometimes the heat kicks on when it is not needed, but doesn't kick on when it is.

My toes are cold, my hands are hurting from the cold, and my little boy is all cozied up like he is going out to play...LOL.

Pretty good week so far, CSTL came home from Philadelphia yesterday. I was so happy to see him. Sometimes when he is gone for work it seems like weeks go by when it is only days.

I've been a cleaning fool the last few days. I have the dining room and living room all clean...carpets are even shampooed. Yesterday I did the kitchen and the table area along with the foyer. Cleaned the cabinets, washed the cabinets down a few weeks ago so I scrubbed and mopped the floor and waxed the hardwood. Today I will tackle the family room and downstairs bathroom, and hopefully get all of upstairs done before our families get here tomorrow.

Christmas shopping is about done. Just gotta get James squared away. Three more presents for family kids, and some gift cards and we are done. I would rather be done earlier in the season than now, but that is has been really tight so I am glad that we are just able to do what we can when we can.