Monday, December 17, 2007

Candy and cookies!!!

Pull up a nice comfy chair, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and enjoy some wonderfully delicious peanut butter balls, or a sweet thumbprint with a Reese cup.

The last few days I have been making cookies and such. Haystacks, sugar cutouts, shortbread, thumbprints and peanut butter balls. I used to love making cookies with my granny when we were little, and I thought it would be a nice neighborly gift to a couple of great neighbors. Hope they enjoy, I sure have :)

This weekend one of our friends Renee came over. Her husband was in our wedding and he is/was a really good friend of Steves. Long story short, last spring she caught him cheating on her with a coworker, in their house, during a party, with his parents there. They have two kids and the situation has just been so stressful on Renee. They are here on his work visa. So therefore no divorce can be had till they are granted their citizenship. He is living with his GF, and the kids see him every other weekend.

She just found out some pretty upsetting news, and basically spent the entire weekend here. The kids were with him and GF and she was upset and needed some cheering up...or at least some comfort.

Now I like Renee, but I can only take her in small doses. All weekend is a bit much. She is far more conservative than I am, and we really do not agree on anything...but she is nice and my heart goes out to issue...

She doesn't knock anymore. Or if she does it is just a quick knock and then in the door she comes...Hello...

This. Gets on my nerves, but I don't want to say anything to her, because she is having such a hard time. But. I. Hate. It.

Today I was putting James down for his nap and this time, no knock. Just Hello and in she comes.

Guess, I will have to deal a little for a while.


I have PMDD. I take my meds usually right around the time I take my bath. I have found they help me sleep that way and it has lessened the headaches. Not to late in the day, not to early in the day I guess. However...while they have helped it will never completely take away the swings in emotions. It begins about two days after ovulation and continues until two days into the crimson tide. Well...guess what today is. Whoever guessed day two after ovulation gets a stained glass cookie, if I make them :)
I can feel the change in me. My thoughts go all haywire. Like I could be in the happiest mood but inside I am contemplating every single little detail that has went wrong in the last 24/48 hours. Everything. And it builds from there. In my head I am trying to talk myself down, because I know what it is now. I know it will pass, I just gotta keep myself calm. It is just so hard sometimes, because the anger that I do not really feel will just rush out before I can stop it sometimes. While it has lessened the effects, it sure hasn't stopped the thoughts and depression that is right along with it. I just have to keep focusing on controlling it. I hate the looks on my families faces when it is that time and I have one of my PMDD moods. Ugh.

My dad is in the hospital. Nothing major I think, just checks and such. He is such a pain when he is in there. Calling and cursing, yelling at the nurses...everything. He went for a regular Dr. visit and the Dr. heard something in his chest and having recently beat his cancer he was just taking precaution I think. But try telling a 68 yr old pig headed man that.

Hugs to all and enjoy the cookies. Maybe some fudge will come by later.


Anonymous said...

Did you make thumbprints with jam in them? I made those yesterday and almost didn't share them. I think they are my new favorite.

Not sure what to tell you about the friend. I know that can be frustrating, but you are being a good friend. Keep that in mind.

Sorry aboutthe PMDD. Hopefully things will get better on that front. And I hope your dad gets better. LOL about how he acts. Not laughing "at" him, you know.

Syren said...

I made some with peanut butter cups and some with Hershey kisses. Today I think I am going to do some apricot jam ones. Maybe even some little cookie sandwich ones with the top center cup out with strawberry jam. Yum!

Thanks, I am trying to be, because I know it is hard on her and the kids.

Hey, I laugh at my dad. Especially when he gets like he does in the hospital. It's hard no to.

Today is better with the PMDD, but I know not all days will be. I am just so glad that I know have a name to put with it, and have ways to deal with it. It is so hard when you do not know.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

~Nutz said...

Big {{{hugs}}}

Hope you have a very merry holiday!