Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been a long time's been a long long time since I have posted on here, and so much has changed but really remained the same.

I lost my job yesterday. I loved my job. Seriously. I woke up every morning ready and excited to go to work. I loved what I did. I did something I know was right. I refused to cross my morals, and did what I till always think was right. I was told I was a strong, solid, reliable employee...but it was time.

I am devastated. We just got straightened out. Just bought a new car. I am sick to my stomach and really have no idea what we are going to do. I say we are going to be okay...because I have to believe it. But are we? I do not know. Unless I find something quick, or they do not fight unemployment, I do not think we will be. The amount we will have for the total month leftover after bills, is the amount we usually spend in 1-2 weeks.

If we cut way back...we can do it. I know we can. But there are so many other things. Kiddo 1 needs to go to the dentist like ASAP, and dear hubby has to get new glasses that we just won't be able to afford. And what about my medication the Dr. now has me on, there is no way with our co pay that we will be able to pay for it.

But on the brighter side...I stuck to what I knew was right, what I believed, and stood my ground. They said it was performance, but I had the highest on the team and they just gave me a I call bullcrap.