Friday, February 22, 2008


Lets get yesterday down a few posts or something.

So it was a bad few days for me, and now it is over. It's a part of the PMDD process I guess.

So it is colllllddddd here right now. Cold as in about 40f outside. But that is cold anymore.

Ryan has been acting up in school a lot lately. No idea what to do, as we have done everything. Took away all games. Grounded him based on weekly school reports. Given him more chores. The thing that has helped, I told him if he got into trouble this week I would take him to have his long hair cut off. Since I told him that we have had nothing but good far.

His dad called about a week ago, and was asking about the child support and what we were doing with it. He talked to Ryan for a few minutes and that was good, because besides everything he loves his dad. He loves Steve to, so I think he might feel conflicted at times. But I should have known something was up. He called, now no child support coming.

I thought he was doing better, but that is for another day.



Anonymous said...

Does the bad behavior correlate at all with his dad? Also, it's been what a little over a year since you guys moved down to Georgia. Perhaps this is a little of a delay in that.

*hugs* for the bad days.

It's very windy here. Cold as well. Me no likey either. Cannot wait until the end of this month for some warming up.